A small dynamic entity inserted in
a solid network.

We design extra-ordinary solutions
to enable companies to compete
in complex contexts with unexpected
and differentiating ideas.

Creativity, Competency, Flexibility,
strong Detail orientation and attention to
Quality, to always design made to measure.

We work in close contact with entrepreneurs
and top management, communicating
in a constructive manner with internal
and external resources and networks.


To read the market one needs... competencies for new expectations.

A new approach based on competencies
and relations: the Product System.

Integrated and contemporary design of...
Product, Service, Communication
in a coherent and effective manner
with respect to the company’s identity.

A tailor made the context,
to the potentiality, to the investments.

Strategy to analyze the competitive context
to highlight the company’s potentialities.

Project to develop the necessary tools
to successfully compete on the market.


Objective: highlight the
Points of Difference of the company.

  • 1.

    Analyze the context

    Selection of best in class examples
    from reference market(s).

    Benchmarking of other contexts
    to gather stimoli and new differentiating ideas.

  • 2.

    Take apart the company

    To highlight the differentiating qualities and skills.

    Empathize the competitive specificities
    of the reference market.

  • 3.

    Re-design the offering

    To build the Product System
    (Product, Service, Communication).

    To bet on differentiating elements
    with respect to the competitive landscape.

  • 4.

    Define the identity

    Definition of the Corporate/Company Identity.

    Brand awareness and recognition
    by differentiating values and offering.

  • 5.

    Build the network

    Able to interpret the different project areas
    to be coherent with the company’s identity.

    A multi-competence approach using
    the best professionals in each area.


Brand strategy

  • brand equity analysis
  • brand audits
  • brand positioning development
  • brand architecture
  • portfolio rationalization

Brand management

  • web-based brand guidelines
  • automated and creation tools
  • brand training and education
  • social media planning

Brand design

  • identity development
  • visual system development
  • user experience design
  • document semplification

Brand implementation

  • web strategy and design
  • sales enablement tools
  • content creation and development
  • marketing communication


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